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I had the pleasure of being a photographer for a collaboration event between Terrell Terrell, Tyronn Credele and other artists at a one day pop up shop event. Even though the group had some last minute setbacks they were able to pull off an amazing event and show off their products. A large crowd was out to show their support. It was evening filled with art, fashion and music. I look forward to see what they put together next.

Here are few photos from the event you can find the all of them HERE.


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Sakura Matsuri 2014

Attended Sakura Matsuri again this year. It seems every year is a crap shoot if the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom or not. Last year timing was perfect, the year before that the Blossoms had already gone and this year they weren’t quite ready. Yay crazy weather…

The Botanic Gardens was crazy as usual. Lots and lots of people and a bunch of Cosplayers. In fact did a mini-shoot with my Geisha Vi, it’s always fun shooting her.
I decided to give my X-T1 a good work out. On Saturday I shot mostly with my 5D MKIII and 70-200mm and carried the X-T1 and did some random shots with it and on Sunday I just used the X-T1. Verdict so far; I like the fact that the Fuji and carrying three lenses is quite light. The EVF while definitely not as good as an optical viewfinder is pretty damn goon and I really like the preview so you pretty much know exactly what the exposure and DOF will look like before you press the shutter. The picture quality is pretty good but sometimes it doesn’t seem quite up to my canon. I think this maybe because of Lightroom, it’s supposedly not the greatest when it comes to handling Fuji raw files. I’ve heard that PhotoNinja handles them much better and will probably have to download the demo and give it a shot. The only thing is though that would be adding something that may add another step to my workflow and maybe not fit in smoothly. The other thing that I don’t like about the Fuji is the responsiveness and that’s probably me being spoiled by the Canon. To be specific it’s the shutter black out time. The time between you press the shutter and screen blacks out and your ready to shoot again. Definitely slower than the Canon for shot to shot. Something that I’m sure I can adapt to, but something I have to keep in mind. All that being said I will definitely be using it more and getting used to it, but seriously doubt I’m going to be selling all my Canon gear to go pure Fuji as some have.

You can find a full selection of the photos here.

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NYCCC 2013 – Sunday

Last day! Didn’t do a whole lot of photography today; I was busy hunting down stuff in the dealer room and it was extremely crowded so not much room to take decent photos. I just didn’t feel like getting many hallway photos today. I did grab a couple of people and do some mini shoots outside the convention center and at the south end where there was a lot of sunlight streaming in. And met some old and new people today and that’s always fun.

Update: Finished. The full set of photos can be found here on flickr!

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NYCCC 2013 – Saturday

Made it through another day at the Con. I decided to try something different today and left my work horse lens, the 70-200/2.8, home and just go with the 50mm 1.4  and 20-70/2.8 only.  I started off shooting with the 50mm since I haven’t used that lens in a long time and it’s a challenge just to use primes. Unlike Friday I did get to get some outdoor shots, and I love doing late afternoon/evening photos, there I can really make some magic. I got some great shots and met some great people as always and hope I’m going to try to make these photos as good as I can. I did one photo that you see above and hope to get to other soon (but in all honesty I do have a ton of stuff to catch up with, but I will get it done eventually). A couple of photos will be posted here and the bulk on my flickr photostream. Keep checking back or drop me a note and I’ll try and contact you when I have done your photos. Time to get rest and get ready for the final day!

UPDATE: Okay all the photos from Saturday have been edited and uploaded and you can find them here on my Flickr Page.


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It’s that time again! NYC comic con is here and here I go once again into the depths of another Con. Though I will say after doing Anime Expo, this doesn’t one seem as bad and I just can’t quite say how or why yet. Any way I will be running around, buying a few things and hoping to run into some great Cosplayers and get some great shots. I’ll try and post a few here, but photos people can grab will be up at my on my flickr page and if you’re looking for photo, please be patient, I always try to put some effort into my editing so things take time, but I think you will like the end result.

UPDATE: The Friday Photos are all up and can be found here!

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